Full Size Loft Beds for Small Spaces

Most people that live in small spaces find the use of a full size loft bed a great way to use space that would have been left unused. The beds that are made from various types of wood such as oak, maple, pine, cherry and hardwood are quite durable and can be used for many years. However, metal loft beds are also available for people seeking an alternative from the popular wood material. Loft beds are available in a variety of designs and colors, which give homeowners an opportunity to select the ones that are suitable for their space.

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It is common to find many people confusing loft beds with bunk beds but they have a variety of structural features that make them unique and a good choice for both adults and children. Some of the features of a full size loft bed are a bunk bed at the top and space at the bottom where drawers or a chest can be placed. However, in some apartments the extra space is used as a work area depending on the needs of the owner. Most times, the full size loft bed frame determines the amount of space that will be left at the location in which the bed will be placed and is a major factor in the selection of these types of beds.

Awesome White Full Size Loft Bed With Stairs

Popular Types of Full Size Loft Beds

The decision to buy a full size loft bed is one of the greatest investments that individuals or families living in small spaces can make for their home. These beds can be bought at online stores as well as furniture shops that are located at physical locations such as malls among others. Most of the loft beds available in these stores are available in many designs, which include:

  • Full size loft bed with stairs – These beds are ideal for children because it aids them in getting up to the bunk bed and back down safely. The stairs are usually placed alongside the bed with some being permanently attached to the loft bed while others can be separated. Furthermore, the stairs can also be customized into drawers to include storage in the bed structure.

 Modern Full Size Loft Bed For Kids

  • Full size loft bed with storage – This design of loft beds have a chest of drawers underneath that can be used to store various items. The number of drawers built into the bed can vary in number but depending on the needs of an individual or child who is using it.


  • Full size loft bed with workstation – This type of loft bed is ideal for college students as well as individuals that need space to work in the home. Placing a simple desk and chair in the bottom area of the bed makes it possible to use it for a number of activities without wasting any space in the small area.

 Full Size Storage Loft Bed with Desk For Girls

Overall, loft beds in full size can be customized further to meet the needs of an individual and also fit the space in which the bed will be placed within a room.